A "profound debut novel"

The Book

An Image in a Mirror is a richly told and deeply intimate African story about the becoming of two young women, who are, the same as much as they are different. When the sisters, at the age of twenty-two, finally cross their respective worlds to meet, how mirrored will each feel about the other? Heralding a new female voice in fiction, An Image in a Mirror is a profound debut novel.

Sharon Ijangolet Ogwang

The Author

A Ugandan writer born in Kenya and raised South Africa. She is compelling in her complexity and dynamism as the characters in her books.


From the Novel

Get To Know Her

Interesting Things About Me And The Journey

Favourite Colour?

The ocean and sky, yes Blue.

Where Do You Like Writing?

Outdoor coffee shops I find people watching inspiring or 2am in the morning, there’s something about silence.

What do you do to get over writers block?

I listen to music if that doesn’t work I tell myself, “Tomorrow is another day.

Favourite Place In The World?

Wakanda Forever

Who Are Your Writing Inspirations?

TOOOOO many to mention but I like to think of my work as Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi meets Paulo Coehlo.

What Surprised You In Writing Your Debut Novel?

How much I oscillate between loving and hating it.

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